THINK LOCAL, ACT GLOBAL is the motto of our growing company

Over the last ten years we have grown very quickly due to the fact that our clients and suppliers appreciate the successful way we do business. That is, we import goods, we don't just distribute them; we choose great products at competitive prices; and we provide customized and effective customer service. In summary, we add great value to the distributing business.

bangkok skgf

We are based in Thailand and our suppliers are located in Italy, France, United States, Brazil, and Malaysia. SKGF is not simply an importer, but by distributing products in the Thai market, we are adding value to the simple trading business. Our team of qualified staff includes speakers of Thai, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. We have a deep and profound knowledge of the ASEAN market, and our two founding partners gained their expertise working for multinational corporations before establishing SKGF.