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Kamira is the answer to its inventor’s question “why isn’t it possible to make a good coffee on the stove?”.

Before Kamira, the use of expensive coffee pods and capsules was very frequently, with consequent negative environmental impact. 

The desire to drink a good and creamy coffee has led the inventor, Nino Santoro, to create a machine to allow everyone to savour a true espresso that leaves a great taste in the mouth. 
Nino’s purpose was in fact to answer his own question creating a home-made solution to expensive coffee machines.

Encouraged by the dream of the perfect coffee, he started experimenting and customizing an old coffee pot, controlling every function such as pressure, temperature, flow and much more. 

“The simplest things are the best and last longer”- he said, that’s how Kamira was born: a simple and indestructible solution that allows you to customize your coffee. 

Kamira is low cost: you don’t have to use coffee pods or capsules but just ecological ground coffee. 

Kamira is also an ideal solution for family! It works with any source of heat so you can use it for travelling, camping or sailing. 

SKGF is happy to be distributing Kamira through out Thailand!

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