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Zig Zag Cigarette Paper

2002 start importing the Zig Zag brand of cigarette papers. Total sales in 2002 baht 15,000. 


Zig Zag Continues

More Zig Zag products are added.

Sales reach baht 146,000. 



The Tsunami

Zig-Zag continue to be the main driver, the Cellulose filters are added to the brand. The Tsunami of December 26th 2004 destroyed completely SKGF small
office located on Kamala Beach Road. Sales reach baht 503,000. 


The Range OCB is Added

The range OCB is added to the cigarette paper business. The customers base reaches 500 stores, with great expansion in Samui, Phang Nga , Ko Tao. Sales reach baht 1,730,000. 

Screen Shot 2564-12-01 at 15.54.26.png


BOH and Ocean Potion Come on Board

The Brand BOH (English Tea from Malaysia) comes on board, making the first agricultural products imported in Thailand under the AFTA treaty. The brands Ocean
Potion (sun lotion from USA) is added to the range, as expansion continues in more tourist area. Sales reaches baht 2,600,000. 


Second Hand Sugar
Cane Harvester from Brazil

SKGF becomes the first company in Thailand to import a second hand Sugar Cane harvester from Brazil. Sales reach baht 5,000,000. 



Barbasol is Added
to the Range

The brand Barbasol is added to the range, becoming the second shaving cream in Aerosol packaging available in Thailand after Gillette. Sales reach baht


Expanding the Import of Agricultural Second Hand Machinery

SKGF grows more by expanding the import of Agricultural Second Hand machinery from Brazil. Customers such as Mitr Phol and Lin Sugar buys from SKGF - sales reach baht 6,400,000.

Screen Shot 2564-12-01 at 16.34.21.png


Tesco Lotus, Villa Market, Family Mart

SKGF continues growth, and is now well established in Tesco Lotus, Villa Market, Family Mart. Import of Second hand sugar cane harvester from Brazil continues. Sales reach baht 7,800,000. 


Tobaccos and Cigars are Added to the Range

SKGF continues to serve more sugar cane farmer and sugar mill. In consumer products, Tobaccos and cigars are added to the range. Sales reach baht 13,100,000. 

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Lin Sugar Group

SKGF becomes the preferred supplier of Sugar Cane harvester to Lin Sugar group, sales reach baht 29,000,000. 


Among the First 5 Companies in Phuket for Turnover

Another excellent year for SKGF, both in consumer products and in Agricultural equipment Sales tops baht 68,000,000. SKGF is among the first 5 companies in
Phuket for turnover. 

Image by Charles Forerunner


Refocus on Consumer Products Business

More competitor starts import second hand harvester from Brazil, and prices are dropping. SKGF refocus on consumer products business. The brand PIZ BUIN from
Johnson & Johnson (sun lotion) is added to the brand, SKGF is the Exclusive distributor for Thailand. Sales are baht 35,000,000. 


Awarded Distribution Rights of BIC Razor and Lighter

SKGF is awarded distribution rights of BIC Razor and Lighter for Southern Thailand. Sales are steady at baht 34,000,000. 

Screen Shot 2564-12-01 at 17.04.27.png
Image by Paul Szewczyk


The Agricultural Machinery Business is Totally Stopped

A drop of tourism affect the sales of SKGF. The Agricultural Machinery business is totally stopped due to lack of support to farmer from the Thai Government.


Official Importer of TREET, Pakistan

SKGF starts to import Sugar Cane Harvester (second hand) from India. Sales are climbing up at baht 51,000,000. SKGF becomes the official importer of TREET Pakistan, the largest Asian manufacture of shavers and shaving blades. 



The Largest Importer of Second Hand Sugar Cane

SKGF teams up with Central Solucoes in Brazil and SNP in Thailand and becomes the largest importer again of Second hand sugar cane harvester with 356 machine sold in this superb year - Sales reach baht 207,000,000. SKGF is among the 3 largest companies based in Phuket for sales.


Maintains Position as Largest Sugar Cane Harvester Importer from Brazil

SKGF maintains its position as largest Sugar Cane harvester importer from Brazil, reaching again a respectable baht 184,000,000 turnover. 

Screen Shot 2564-12-01 at 17.23.53.png


Sales Online Grows 1,500%

SKGF is well placed and financially strong to face the challenges of Covid-19. Sales are unaffected for the brands Barbasol, OCB, Pure Silk. The brand IGNIS
(Japan) is added to the portfolio Sales online grows 1,500% and LazMart Status is awarded to SKGF Lazada Stores. SKGF has a stable presence in all Online store
platform in Thailand, Lazada, Shopee, JD Mart Sales reach baht 94,000,000. 


Sales are Expected to Ultra Pass baht 100,000,000 Again

SKGF is still strong , Agricultural Machinery business is picking up again, due to the raise in the price if sugar. Sales are expected to ultra pass baht 100,000,000

Image by Scott Graham
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